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DAR now allows you to apply for a new or to renew your commercial fishing license.

License fees are payable by credit or debit card.

Starting October 1, 2021 the DLNR will implement a $250.00 fee for nonresident commercial marine licenses. The $100.00 fee for Hawaii residents remains the same.

Please note that if a license application is not acceptable for processing the applicant may be refunded the license fee less a service charge in the amount of 3.0 percent of the license fee.

All transactions submitted via Internet are processed as applications and are subject to verification. If the pending transaction is approved, either a card or license document will be mailed to you by the next three business days.

Due to a Supreme Court ruling on September 6, 2017, DLNR has discontinued issuance of Aquarium Permits.

DAR reserves the right to refuse to issue a license to any person who does not provide complete and accurate information.